Lonza provides municipalities across the country with products that meet the toughest regulatory and standards including NSF/ANSI 61 for our feeding equipment and NSF 60 for Constant Chlor® Plus Briquettes, allowing the public to rest easy about the quality of their water supply.And, our Constant Chlor® Plus spray feed system is markedly different from erosion feeders currently on the market. The patented spray process dissolves material from the bottom of the briquette bed for consistent results.

Constant Chlor® Plus Model MC4-50 Dry Calcium Hypochlorite Feeding System
Designed via feedback from actual field users, the MC4-50 dry calcium hypochlorite feeding system prepares and automatically delivers a consistently accurate dose of liquid available chlorine for disinfection applications. Learn more

Constant Chlor® Plus Briquettes
Our Constant Chlor Plus Briquettes®dry chlorinator tablets are designed specifically for use in the Spray Technology Chlorinator, with a patented formula for consistent and accurate dosing. Learn more

Be sure to comply with all government regulations for use. Always refer to product labels and MSDSs for information about specific products. Learn more by reading our Product Safety Details and Disclaimers.