Chlorination Evolved

The new design of the Pulsar® family of feeders has many new features to decrease maintenance and increase reliability. The water from the pool enters the Pulsar® Chlorinator via the inletport. The spray manifold then distributes the water onto the briquette grid creating a chlorinated solution. The chlorinated solution falls into the discharge tank and is discharged into the pool recirculation system by the evacuation system. Water flow in the unit is designed to remove residue from the chlorinator base.  

A smaller reservoir with an updated discharge valve arm allows for a more reliable and accurate dosing method. The automatic wash down nozzles and the well agitator nozzle spray after the unit is done feeding to clean the inside of the Pulsar feeders. This is controlled by the Pulsar Control Box logic.

New design and highly efficient!

  • Based on feedback from customers
  • PLC driven control box with touchscreen controls
  • Booster pump control option reduces energy consumption
  • Improved serviceability and reduced maintenance
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Automated cleaning features
  • Downstream Venturi injection

Product Literature and Videos

Download the Pulsar® 45 140 500 Feeders product brochure  (782 KB)

Download the Pulsar® 45 140 500 Feeders interactive warranty card (364 KB)

View the Pulsar® 45 140 500 Feeders product video.