Lonza’s water treatment products are sold worldwide for the sanitation and treatment of commercial pool and spa water, drinking water, food sanitation, surface water, and industrial applications. Our food safety products provide sanitizing solutions to growers, processors and packaging plants around the world. And our surface water business, Applied Biochemists, is a leading manufacturer of specialty algaecides and herbicides products while also providing technical support and services for controlling algae and nuisance aquatic vegetation. Our well-known brands include Pulsar, Constant Chlor Plus, DryTec, Hypocal, and Frexus.

We're committed to adding value to our products through service and support that is second to none. Every day we re-establish the gold standard for water cleanliness, clarity and purity. And we strive to meet evolving community water standards and respond to health and security concerns with innovative solutions. At Lonza, our spirit of innovation is matched only by our desire to support the communities we serve.