Lonza has become the leading name in worldwide wood protection, with operations throughout Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, North and South America offering wood treating chemicals and related wood preservation technology.

Our flagship brands of industrial wood preservatives and fire retardants – Wolman™, Tanalith™, and Dricon™ -- head a family of products which enhance the performance of wood. Wolmanized™ and Tanalised™ pressure-treated wood can be found in home improvement and construction supply stores around the world. From reliable backyard decking and landscape products to heavy-duty utility poles and marine docks and piling, our Wood Treatment chemicals enable a sustainable natural resource to last longer than it otherwise could. We also produce water repellents, mold inhibitors, and sapstain control solutions.

Laboratories in Atlanta, GA, England, and New Zealand keep us in the forefront of international advancements.

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Arch Wood Treatment Companies
Asia-Pacific www.tanalised.com
North America www.wolmanizedwood.com
South Africa www.tanalised.com/sa
UK / Europe www.archtp.com

Arch Quimetal (joint venture)
Chile and certain Latin American markets www.archquimetal.cl