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Lonza's High Performance Materials group is a leading supplier of specialized intermediates to the High Performance Materials industry.

We are the world's leading supplier of Cyanate ester resins.

We also supply a range special components for high performance materials such as Epoxies, Polyimides, Polyureas & Polyurethanes, Acrylics and Ionic liquids.

Our products serve industries such as composites, electronics, coatings, adhesives and sealants:

  • PRIMASET™ Cyanate esters are a novel class of thermosetting resins, that are providing highly demanding solutions for space, aerospace, transportation, electronics, and general industry, especially where superior high temperature or dielectric performance is key.
  • LONZACURE™ aromatic diamines as curing agents for 1k and 2k enhanced temperature resistant epoxy systems as well as polyurethane chain extenders in compliance with latest demands on health and safety.
  • Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) is used as a  monomer in heat resistant polyimide resins, films and coatings. Furthermore it is being used as a curing agent for epoxy resins as well as a chain extender in polyester materials.
  • LONZAMON™ monomers are a class of low viscous, toxicologically friendly and easy to copolymerize acrylic crosslinkers & adhesion promotors for the advanced coatings, adhesives and sealants industry.