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For many consumers, hair conditioners are a key component in their hair care regimen to help achieve the type of hair feel and appearance that they desire. The addition of Lonza Consumer Care quats to a conditioning formula help to improve hair manageability. Unique specialty conditioners provide not only hair benefits such as protection from the damaging effects of the environment but their substantive nature can deliver enhanced moisture and improved feel to skin as well. Proteins are the basic building blocks for today’s skin and hair care products. Proteins isolated from a variety of sources are offered and possess properties that are essential for the care and protection of both skin and hair.

Carsoquat® Product Line

A versatile range of  conditioners that may be incorporated into rinses, hair conditioners, treatments and shaving products to improve shine, glide and detangling. These are low-foaming ingredients that can be easily combined with other actives. They are a cost-effective choice for your hair care formulations.

Fibro-Silk Powder JP

Hair conditioning and improved hair feel with skin moisturizing benefits.
INCI Designation: Silk Powder
Use Level: 0.5 – 2.0%    

Solu-Mar Elastin SD

Marine-sourced, hair and skin moisturizer
INCI Designation: Hydrolyzed Elastin
Use Level: 0.5 – 5.0%