4D-Nucleofector Kit with cuvettes

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GMP Solution Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Kits enable you to perform transfection experiments under animal component-free conditions and conditions requiring higher quality standards.

Benefits of GMP Solution Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Kits

  • Animal origin-free formulation
  • Solutions produced under GMP conditions
  • Certified for absence of DNA/RNA, DNase/RNase, particles and endotoxins
  • CoA for Nucleofector™ Solutions, Supplements and Nucleocuvette™ Vessels
  • No metal ion release during Nucleofection™
  • Validation of ethylene oxid sterilization
  • Tested for biocompatibility

Applications of GMP Solution Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Kits

  • Transfection experiments under animal component free conditions
  • Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS)
  • Applications requiring higher quality standards 

Each of GMP Solution Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Kit contains

  • Specific GMP Nucleofector™ Solution
  • GMP Supplement
  • Either single 100 µl Nucleocuvette™ Vessels or 384-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates

Ordering Information

Currently we only offer P3 as GMP Solution Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Kits as this is the mostly used Primary Cell Solution. If you are interested in another solution, please inquire. We also offer GMP Solution Kits for cell lines.

Catalog #  Description 
V4XPG-3024 GMP Solution P3 Primary Cell 4D-Nucleofector™ Kit (24 RXN) 

 Please contact Customer Service for pricing information.