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GMP Solution Cell Line Nucleofector™ Kits  enable you to perform transfection experiments under animal component-free conditions or conditions requiring higher quality standards. They are the ideal tool for the Nucleofection™ of cell lines used to generate stable protein-producing clones for large-scale protein production.

Benefits of GMP Solution Cell Line Nucleofector™ Kits

  • Animal origin-free formulation
  • Solutions produced under GMP conditions
  • Certified for absence of DNA/RNA, DNase/RNase, particles and endotoxins
  • CoA for Nucleofector™ Solutions, Supplements and Nucleocuvette™ Vessels
  • No metal ion release during Nucleofection™
  • Validation of ethylene oxid sterilization
  • Tested for biocompatibility

Applications of GMP Solution Cell Line Nucleofector™ Kits

  • Efficient transfection of cell lines relevant to protein production, e.g., CHO, suspension CHO, suspension 293
  • Transfection experiments under animal component free conditions
  • Applications requiring higher quality standards

Each of GMP Solution Cell Line Nucleofector™ Kit contains

  • Specific GMP Nucleofector™ Solution
  • GMP Supplement
  • Single 100 µl Nucleocuvette™ Vessels


Ordering Information

Currently we only offer SF as GMP Solution as this is the mostly used Cell Line Solution. If you are interested in another solution, please inquire. We also offer GMP Solution Kits for primary cells.

 Catalog # Description 

GMP Solution SF cell Line 4D-Nucleofector™ Kit

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