adding media to a plate
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In addition to cryopreserved cell ampules Lonza also offers Clonetics™  proliferating cells in a variety of flask and plate formats.

Ordering process, delivery schedules, and pricing depend on the country of delivery, please contact Customer Service for information pertaining to ordering proliferating primary cell types.

Proliferating cultures are delivered Tuesday-Thursday the week after initial plating and confluency at the time of shipment varies by cell type. A new Clonetics™ cryovial is used for each new batch using only Clonetics™  Media and Reagents. This procedure ensures optimal quality. We advise to order an appropiate Clonetics™  Media Bulletkit and a Reagent Pack (CC-5034) with the cells to ensure best performance.

For ordering information including catalog numbers and recommended media for Clonetics™  proliferating cells click here