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What Is a Primary Cell Culture?

Primary Cells – Cells isolated directly from human or animal tissue using enzymatic  or mechanical methods. Once isolated, they are placed in an artificial environment in plastic or glass containers supported with specialized medium containing essential nutrients and growth factors to support proliferation. Primary cells could be of two types – adherent or suspension. Adherent cells require attachment for growth and are said to be anchorage dependent cells. The adherent cells are usually derived from tissues of organs. Suspension cells do not require attachment for growth and are said to be anchorage independent cells. All suspension cells are isolated from blood system. With the exception of cells derived from tumors, most primary cells have limited lifespan. These early passage cells may also contain heterogeneous cell populations.




Why Use Primary Cells:


  • Represents heterogeneity found in tissue so your results are simulating in vivo conditions
  • Alternative options, such as cell lines, require authentication before use
  • Reduces the cost and number of animals required for in vivo studies as they are an ideal first step to refine experiments
  • Limited lifespan – cells tend to change the longer they are passed. With limited lifespan of primary cells, the researchers are staying close to tissue characteristics
  • Building on that standard, we strive to ensure that all of our products improve the biological relevance of your research with our primary cells.

Primary Cells vs. Cell Lines

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