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Lonza's Primary Cells and Media support cell culture research in various areas including angiogenesis, cancer, airway, diabetes, reproductive and neurobiology to name a few. Over 150 human and animal cell types are currently supplied in the portfolio.

Why Use Primary Cells?


Primary cells are derived directly from human and animal tissue representing a living, biologically relevant cell model.The use of primary cells are known to provide more relevant results than cell lines. Primary cells also help reduce the cost and number of animals required for in vivo studies if these are used as first step to refine experiments


When performing in vitro research, you need to replicate the in vivo environment as closely as possible. Research has shown that primary cells, which are non-transformed, non-immortalized cells isolated directly from tissue, provide conditions that closely simulate a living model and yield more physiologically significant results.


Building on that standard, we strive to ensure that all of our products improve the biological relevance of your research with our primary cells.

Our Guarantee


Our primary cells and media are tested together to guarantee performance. We use strict industry standards of quality control to ensure consistent performance on every lot manufactured.


All tissue utilized for our human cell products is ethically obtained with documented, informed donor consent.