The FlashGel™ System gets straight to your results. Simply load samples, watch bands migrate and get data in as little as 2 minutes. Say goodbye to gel preparation, band excision, purification, and UV light. Complete separation, recovery and documentation safely, at the bench, in minutes.

  • 5 minute separation and recovery
    • See bands in as little as 2 minutes
    • Recover samples directly, without UV light, band excision or purification
    • Real-time separation and documentation
      • Watch band migration as it happens
      • Photograph gels at the bench, without DNA damaging UV light
      • Outstanding sensitivity and resolution


          The FlashGel™ System consists of enclosed, disposable, precast agarose gel cassettes and a combination electrophoresis and transilluminator unit.

          • 5 – 20 times more sensitive than ethidium bromide; detect <0.1 ng DNA or <10 ng total RNA
          • Clean, sharp separation and straight, uniform sample lanes.
          • FlashGel™ Cassettes contain precast, prestained agarose gels and buffer – no need for gel preparation, buffer addition or gel staining.
          • The FlashGel™ Dock is an electrophoresis apparatus with a built-in transilluminator that provides both separation and detection.
          • The FlashGel™ Camera is a compact camera system designed to photograph FlashGel™ Cassettes right at the bench.
          • The FlashGel™ Power Supply is a high voltage electrophoresis power supply designed for the FlashGel™ Dock.
          • FlashGel™ Markers are recommended for best performance.