Human Hepatocytes

Triangle Research Laboratories provides fresh and cryopreserved human hepatocytes isolated from whole and resected liver tissues.

Animal Hepatocytes

Triangle Research Laboratories provides fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes from a variety of clinical species, including, but not limited to: Rat, Mouse, Dog and Monkey.

NoSpin HepaRG™

NoSpin HepaRG™ are renewable and reproducible hepatic cells derived from a single donor which possess the unique capabilities of being grown to increase their population, but can also be differentiated into fully-functional, adult phenotype hepatic cells.

Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells

These cell types include, but are not limited to, sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs), Stellate cells, cholangiocytes, and Kupffer cells. NPCs play important roles in transport, metabolism, inflammatory response, disease modeling, and growth functions in the liver.

Hepatic Media

Triangle Research Labs provides application specific hepatic media for the thawing, plating, and culture of fresh and cryopreserved, human and animal, primary hepatocytes.

Quasi Vivo® Cell Culture Flow Systems

The Quasi Vivo® system consists of a series of cell culture chambers connected through dynamic flow of media throughout the system.



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