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Lonza’s offering for agrochemical customers is based on experience, trust and quality. We provide both catalog products and state-of-the-art Custom Manufacturing service for modern herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and their intermediates.

For your need of multi-tons to thousands of tons of chemicals, Lonza is poised to provide a solution for you. Our manufacturing strength stems from our comprehensive integrated network of pipelines and 40-years experience in custom manufacturing. Lonza’s specific ISO-regulated manufacturing capability combines speed and efficiency with reliability.

Chemical Expertise
Being constantly entrusted by our customers with the production of new technologically demanding processes leading to advanced intermediates as well as to final products for the Agricutural and other key ISO regulated markets we are constantly rejuvenating the portfolio leading to a constant growth of our chemical expertise:

  • Highly reactive and hazardous key chemicals generated in house: Carbon monoxide, cyanogen chloride, Diketene, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Hydrochloric acid 100 %, Hydrocyanic acid 100 %, Ketene, ozone, phosgene
  • Key reagents purchased such as bromine, chlorine, sodium, thionyl chloride

Integrated Waste Management
During the production of highly complex multi step syntheses in general and during the production of highly active ingredients for Agriculture specifically we strive to minimize waste streams by recycling of solvents, pre-treatment of aqueous waste streams on site by e.g. nanofiltration as well as in our state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant; environmentally safe incineration of gaseous, liquid and solid waste streams on site; final disposal of slag from incineration in our own landfill.

Contamination Prevention
In order to serve the needs of the Agricultural and other key markets, Lonza operates various types of ISO regulated highly flexible multi purpose plants:

  • Production of highly active herbicides
  • Production of fungicides and insecticides
  • Production of non active intermediates only

Those types of production plants are physically and organisational clearly separated from each other and the highest standards of contamination prevention are followed (ECPA, EPA).