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Embracing Complexity

Based on 25 years of innovation in microbial biotechnology, Lonza offers the XS Microbial Expression Technologies™ Portfolio, as an advanced and versatile biopharmaceutical production platform.

No single host type or vector is capable of being the best expression option for all types of biopharmaceuticals. Therefore, Lonza has assembled a collection of proprietary expression systems that are screened in a high throughput manner to identify the best production clone for your product.

In combination with our upstream and downstream production platforms, our XS Technologies™ quickly deliver GMP processes that are:

    • Productive
    • Robust
    • Scalable
    • Efficient


The benefits of XS Technologies™ can be explored in two ways:  Lonza offers a complete range of strain development services in Visp, Switzerland and XS Technologies™ are available for use is your own labs under a Research Evaluation Agreement (REA).



To learn more about our diverse XS Technology™ Toolbox from an industry expert, please download Dr. Joachim Klein's webinar entitled, "Using the XS Toolbox to Optimize Strain Design and Development."