Preparation for chromatography in QC lab

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With You From the Beginning

Lonza recognizes the importance of developing the right product from the first stage of development.  This is why we work closely with emerging and established pharmaceutical companies to develop peptides for both small, gram-scale peptides to large kilogram scale manufacture.  Our expertise includes a full range of R&D services and a broad technology set for the development of your peptide products.

Our R&D services are based on a concept called Quality by Design (QbD), which refers to a maximally efficient, agile, and flexible manufacturing sector that reliably produces high quality products without extensive regulatory oversight.  Regulating bodies expect leaders in the industry like Lonza to build quality into processes based on sound scientific knowledge, and to address problems proactively while maintaining continuous process improvement and verification.  At Lonza, we work hard for you by adhering to these expectations.


Lonza’s Development Technology Services Include:

 Solid-Phase Synthesis (SPPS) Liquid-Phase Synthesis (LPPS) 
  • FMOC chemistry
  • Up to 50 amino acids
  • Natural and synthetic amino acids
  • BOC and FMOC chemistry
  • Short and medium peptides
Recombinant DNA Technology Hybrid Approach
  • By fermentation/concatemer approach
  • Production of various fragments on solid support (resin)
  • Subsequent condensation of cleaved fragments in liquid-phase


Lonza R&D Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Process development
  • Process optimization
  • Analytical development
  • Methods validation
  • Stability studies
  • Process validation
  • Regulatory support