Early Phase Protein Services

Pre-clinical Risk Assesment

Lonza's Cambridge facility is located 50 miles north of London in the county of Cambridgeshire, England.  It is a large university town with the river Cam flowing through the center. 

Lonza aquired this site in 2009 with the purchase of Algonomics, Inc, a company focused on the early assesment of protein and drug targets. The Cambridge site houses several modern pre-clinical research laboratories with a wide range of high throughput screening equipment. 

Our Applied Protein Services team focuses on a full risk assesment platform for in silico and in vitro services for immunogenicity, stability, humanization, and protein engineering. These technologies include our award winning and patented Epibase® T-cell epitope screening platform along with our proprietary technology platform for structural protein engineering.

Whether you are looking for unwanting immunogencity in the case of protein therapeutics, or a strong response to a developing vaccine, our protein experts can help to optimize your drug target to give you the best chance for clinical success.