Award Winning Ingredient



Skin Tone that Appears Lit from Within

As we age, skin’s luminosity and uniformity of tone tend to degenerate.

Vivillume® is a plant-based active that restores skin’s beauty to reveal a recharged, youthful, luminous appearance.

It has demonstrated its ability to degrade bilirubin in situ. When applied topically,it has been effective at reducing the appearance of multiple signs of aging, leading to a more luminous, youthful complexion. Vivillume® is a skin revitalizer that improves skin tone to yield an illuminated complexion.


Vivillume® offers the following key benefits:

  • Restores skin luminosity
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Fights dark under-eye circles
  • Decreases under-eye puffiness
  • Recaptures skin’s youthful vitality