Award Winning Ingredient

Renewable Active for Cellular Rejuvenation

ReGeniStem® Red Rice is a naturally derived anti-aging active made from Himalayan red rice. Meristem cells from red rice are cultured and stressed with ozone, forcing the cells to produce secondary metabolites to help protect themselves from damage. These unique metabolites are specific to red rice and provide several advantages to skin, which include:

  • Improving cell viability via DNA demethylation, helping older cells to function like younger cells
  • Increase in Collagen1A production, leading to a reduction in the appearance fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase in skin hydration, for better moisturized and conditioned skin
  • Reduction in transepidermal water loss, more balanced skin, improved skin barrier
  • Uniform skin tone, reduction in pore size


Delivering Benefits in Skin Care

  • Naturally derived anti-aging
  • Epidermal hydration
  • Skin smoothing
  • Rejuvenates at an epigenetic level
  • Firming Increase dermatopontin protein
  • Environmental protection