Exceptional Emollient for Skin Conditioning

Lonzest® DC NT Emollient Ester is the latest multi-functional ingredient from Lonza. This lightweight ester emollient has superb spreadability on the skin and provides excellent skin conditioning. It functions well as a solubilizer for organic UV sun filters, a dispersant for inorganic UV sun filters, and as an aid for pigment wetting. In addition, Lonzest® DC NT Emollient Ester provides wonderful product aesthetics that leave your skin with a silky smooth, powdery after feel.


Lonzest® DC NT Emollient Ester offers the following benefits:     

  • Great spreadability, enhanced dry after feel
  • Superior solubility of UV sun filters
  • Excellent pigment wetting properties
  • Silicone-free alternative 


Recommended Product Applications

  • Sunscreen
  • Color cosmetics
  • Daily face lotions
  • Overnight serums
  • Silicone-free formulations
  • Non-greasy aesthetic formulations

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