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Biodynes® 03 Bioactive for Protecting Skin Against Environmental Aggressors


Enhance the Ozone Protection Factor™ (OPF™) of your skin care formulas with Biodynes® O3 bioactive. As shown in an in vitro Ozone Damage Protection Study, Biodynes® O3 bioactive can protect skin from environmental ozone exposure increasing the OPF™ of skin. Resulting skin care benefits include improved lipid barrier protection as well as skin firming and smoothing.

Through our proprietary fermentation capabilities, we create an ozone-stressed environment in which the yeast grows and responds with protective agents to help it survive against the external stress. These protective agents in turn deliver the skin-protective benefits of Biodynes® O3 bioactive.

So, help your consumers increase the Ozone Protection Factor™ of their skin and protect against everyday environmental aggressors by incorporating Biodynes® O3 bioactive into your skin care formulations.    

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