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2016 Webinar Series

Join our 60-minute free webinars where our research scientists share their cell culture and transfection expertise and give useful tips and hints that can help you optimize your daily research.

Thank you for your interest in our webinars. Our 2016 webinar series is completed. We will soon announce topics and dates for 2017.



Archived Webinars:

CRISPR/Cas9 Cell Therapeutics: The Next Generation of Cures – Presented by GEN, Sponsored by Lonza

The discovery of CRIPSR/Cas9 as simple and effective tool for targeted modification of cells has opened up new possibilities for gene or cell therapies. 

Watch the archvied webinar to learn about strategies for using CRIPSR/Cas9 for curing genetic diseases, and the impact on next generation disease model systems and drug screening.  


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Overcoming Current Challenges with 3D Cell Culturing – Presented by Nature Publishing Group, Sponsored by Lonza

3D culture is transforming cell biology and tissue engineering applications. In this webcast, we explore how the RAFT™ 3D Culture System has been used to develop complex multilayer cell culture models with different cell types.

Watch the archived webinar (presented by Nature Publishing Group, sponsored by Lonza Bioscience Solutions) to learn more.


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Cancer Immunotherapy – Presented by Springer Nature, Sponsored by Lonza

Cancer immunotherapy – treatments that harness and enhance the powers of the immune system to fight cancer – has been hailed the biggest breakthrough in cancer research since chemotherapy.

Watch the archived Nature webinar (sponsored by Lonza Bioscience Solutions) to learn more about the most promising approaches to cancer immunotherapy.


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