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Nucleofector™ PLUS Supplement Request

The Nucleofector™ PLUS Supplements allow cryopreservation of freshly isolated or harvested cells in Nucleofector™ Solution. By decoupling cell harvesting and transfection, Nucleofection™ Experiments can be done at the scientist’s convenience.

  • Collect and store cells and have them ready-to-use at a later time
  • Cryopreserve larger cell batches to minimize batch-to-batch variances in transfection results
  • Achieve Nucleofection™ Performance comparable to fresh cells


Just substitute the standard supplement (delivered with regular Nucleofector™ Kit) for the appropriate Nucleofector™ PLUS Supplement and generate your own cryopreserved ready-to-transfect competent cells. Please check the filterable selection list to determine which Nucleofector™ PLUS Supplement is required for the Nucleofector™ Kit you are using.

Nucleofector PLUS Supplement - Comparison fresh vs frozen cells

Comparison of transfection performance of fresh cells and frozen cells that were cryopreserved in Nucleofector™ Solution supplemented with Nucleofector™ PLUS Supplement. Data were collected from various experiments to account for variances in cell handling.


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