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Lonza is committed to supporting your immunotherapy research by providing primary cells, media, and both large and small volume transfection solutions to help you transition from research into therapy. Find more information on these topics by clicking on the links below.
If you’re ready for the clinic, our cell therapy services might be the answer you need for development, manufacturing and testing of your cell-based therapeutics.

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Free poster: Therapeutic approaches to enhance natural killer cell cytotoxicity 
published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Natural killer (NK) cells are emerging as attractive candidates for new immunotherapeutic approaches – they have the potential to induce powerful antigen-independent immune responses against malignancies. Lonza has sponsored a poster, published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, which discusses NK cells in immunotherapy.

Download the free poster as a high-resolution PDF, and request your own printed copy to display in your lab.


Nature NK Cells Poster 

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White Paper: Th17 Cell Differentiation

Th17 cells are starting to come into the spotlight for potential immunotherapy treatments. One of the major challenges in studying Th17 cellular actions is obtaining enough cells for any given experiment. Read this white paper to learn about a robust method to differentiate peripheral blood CD4+ T cells into functional Th17 cells using a bead-based activation technology.


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Webinar: Cancer Immunotherapy 
presented by Nature

Immunotherapy has the potential to achieve long-lasting regression and prevent relapse in cancer patients. View a recording of the Nature webinar, sponsored by Lonza to hear panel experts describe some of the most promising approaches to cancer immunotherapy, and the challenges that remain in translating scientific advances to clinical use.


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