Cell lines stably expressing a target gene are often used for drug screening. However the number of stably expression clones resulting from lipofection experiments is often low, especially for cells which are difficult-to-transfect. Due to its high efficiencies for transient transfections, Lonza’s Nucleofector™ Technology is also well suited for the generation of stable expressing clones in difficult-to-transfect cell types.

Efficient non-viral transfection
  • Up to 90% transfection efficiency for primary cells and difficult-to-transfect cancer cell lines, including blood, breast and prostate cancer
  • Combined with high cell viability
  • Outperforms lipofection for integration rates


Proven technology

  • Minimal optimization effort due to availability of more than 100 ready-to-use Nucleofection™ Protocols
  • More than 800 cancer-related publications