Encouraging Students to Pursue Careers in Science

In 2015 our Pharma&Biotech site in Slough (UK) continued their long-term partnership with the local Burnham Grammar School, which was first initiated in 2002. Now, more than a decade later, Lonza employee-volunteers are still engaged at the school in a range of activities from sponsoring and judging science competitions to offering career advice, running science practice sessions and lectures, offering internship work experiences and donating lab equipment.


Bringing Classical Music Closer to Kids and Teens

In September 2015 Lonza initiated a new sponsoring partnership with the Basel Chamber Orchestra to support its newest project called “Classroom piece”, which has a unique educational and cultural value to children between the ages 11-15.

class room  The “Classroom Piece” was produced in cooperation with a theater pedagogue and four musicians from the Basel Chamber Orchestra with the goal of giving kids and teens the necessary impetus to develop their musical personality, independent of social and cultural backgrounds. Since most children and teens rarely have the opportunity to visit theaters or classical music concerts, the “Classroom Piece” is a completely new experience for most of them that enables them to hear and appreciate the value of live music, as well as feel its power and energy in the room.  
In 2016 the Basel Chamber Orchestra plans on further developing the existing “Classroom Piece” to make it attractive and appealing to older students between the ages of 16 and 18. For 2017 a new makeover is planned to apply the concept to hospitals, retirement homes and other public and private institutions. Lonza is proud to be actively supporting the development of this novel project over the next several years with the goal of bringing classical music closer to the community.  

Partnering with Swiss Youth in Science  

Another continuing project in 2016 is Lonza’s three-year partnership with Swiss Youth in Science, which began in July 2014. Founded in 1967 the foundation “Schweizer Jugend forscht” (Swiss Youth in Science) supports inquisitive and motivated children and young people with the aim to awaken joy and fascination for scientific work.

lady in the lab 

Lonza’s support is focused on helping to organize four annual study weeks for 10- to 13-year-old girls (girls@ science) and boys (boys@science) each year. Two study week topics – “Chemistry and Material Science” and “Biology and Medicine” – are geared for young people at the high-school level. Approximately 300 children and adolescents participate in the study weeks each year.
In subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, Switzerland often faces a deficit of qualified talent leaving the local schools.     


With the foundation’s series of courses, children and young people become more interested in those subjects and learn about options for their future studies or professional careers. During the study weeks, the children and young people develop a project at a university or in a company to solve a given scientific issue and to build their expertise in using active scientific methods. With this engagement Lonza contributes to the promotion of science and helps in the development of the next generation of scientific professionals.

Rebuilding Two Primary Schools in China

Lonza sponsored the rebuilding of two primary schools in two rural areas in Guangdong Province of China in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Lonza not only provided monetary support for school renovation, but also we continue to organize voluntary activities in these two schools every year on a regular basis, including science experiments, English teaching, computer skills, etc. With these interactions, we maintain a long-term, strong relationship with the schools and their students and teachers.  
kids in the school in China