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In 2014 the Lonza Corporate Charitable Sponsorship team challenged business units to propose a major, long-term charitable project that would draw on Lonza technologies to enhance the quality of life in an area of desperate need. Ideas began circulating; and after much thought and deliberation, approval was given to Lonza Water Treatment South Africa to address an urgent health threat and concern in Uganda.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Uganda is in dire need of sanitary improvements. Under a three-year project known as Sanitation for Africa, Lonza Water Treatment is teaming up with the non-governmental organization Clean Habitat Uganda to provide our HTH Scientific® sanitizer tablets for use in pit latrines in that poor African nation. Clean Habitat Uganda will distribute our sanitizing tablets to communities serving 5,000 homes.

Pit latrines, also known as outhouses or long drops, serve as household or even community toilets and are an ideal breeding ground for disease and virus-bearing mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other insects. Comprised of dry calcium hypochlorite, one or two of our sanitizing tablets are placed into each latrine (depending on the pit size), where they help combat bacteria, foul odors and insect growth, which in turn helps to control diseases that can be carried by the insects. pit latrine

In December 2015 a kick-off summit was held in Kampala, Uganda. In attendance were key persons from the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the Ugandan Ministry of Water, Clean Habitat Uganda and Lonza.

Project Update

Since the kick-off summit, the sponsored product has arrived in Uganda and is currently being distributed in key identified areas. A community events day in late November 2016, which will take place in Kabasanda, Uganda, aims to further educate the community on what the project’s scope will be, how the product works and what benefits they will receive. The events day will be a fun-filled day loaded with games and activities and will include community soccer games, distribution of balloons and other toys to children in the community and a few additional surprises. Also scheduled are talks and presentations by Clean Habitat Uganda and Lonza representatives, along with other guest speakers.