Sponsoring, Donations and Memberships are Integral Elements of Lonza's Social Responsibility

By cultivating relationships and building ties, Lonza is strengthening its cooperation towards local communities in which the company operates. With its commitment to ethical, social and environmental responsibility and sustainability, Lonza supports events, projects and programs directly linked to Lonza's employees and sites.

We focus on:

  • Science, schools, education
  • Charity, health, social welfare
  • Culture, community, youth


Some Examples Include:

Lonza Qingshan Primary School, Huazhou, China 

Lonza Qingshan Primary School    
  • Opening of the Lonza Qingshan Primary School in Huazhou, China,  on 20 November 2012
  • Donation of a 3-storey building
  • Establishment of a new computer room, a science lab and a multipurpose room
  • Lonza employees support with teaching activities


Lonza Youkeng Primary School, Jiaoling, China 

  • Opening of the Lonza Youkeng primary school in Jiaoling, China end of November 2010 
  • Lonza donated a new building of 500 m2, renovation of existing 2-storey classroom building, new sports- and playground as well equipment like computers, science lab and furniture
  • Lonza Youkeng primary school teaches 360 students in 8 classes from grade 1 to grade 6
  • A kindergarten with 40 pre-school children is associated
  • Lonza supported the reconstruction and renovation of this primary school and will be a long-term and reliable partner

Lonza supports SCGI Pharma Youth & Innovation - Launch of a new web portal Simply Science for kids


Student in lab    

We care about the next generation and future innovation - that's why we need to proactively provide our youngsters with opportunities to explore the world of science. Science can be fun and an adventure. This newly launched portal is an opportunity for young people to dive into this world and find out about amazing phenomena in nature! They can see how science is used to take the next step in innovation, get in contact with people working in the science industry, get information about professions and learn how to start a scientific career. We think it is important to raise the understanding of science and support SCGI Youth & Innovation and the platform Simply Science




7th Lonza Harvest Open Charity Golf Tournament Portsmouth

  • 244 golfers gathered and raised over $100,000
  • Each year different local charities are selected to benefit from the tournament

YES - Young Enterprise Switzerland 

     Young Enterprise Switzerland inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy through education and awareness in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work force.