Lonza's Global Sponsoring Commitment

By cultivating relationships and contributing our knowledge, expertise, logistics and financial support, Lonza is creating sustainable value for our communities around the world. With our commitment to ethical, social and environmental responsibility and sustainability, Lonza supports events, projects and programs directly linked to Lonza's employees and sites. Our sponsoring activities focus on the following three areas:

Science and Education

Health and Social Welfare 

Culture and Community

In the communities where we operate, Lonza is much more than a faceless corporation. We are neighbors, a vital source of jobs, a charitable sponsor of local schools and civic and cultural projects, and often a significant contributor to local economies. In short, Lonza and our employees are “citizens” of these communities; and we do our utmost to contribute to the quality of the life that we share.

Sustainable value for Lonza comes not only from investing in the communities where we live and work, but also from investing in the wider world where we see opportunities to contribute to sustainability and the greater good. Sponsorships and philanthropic donations are an integral part of how we express our corporate social responsibility.

We want to be a reliable long-term and active partner and engage at the earliest possible stage of any community project we sponsor in order to optimize the use of available resources. Accordingly, we focus our resources on a small number of selected projects where our engagement, can make a significant difference, rather than on a vast number of projects.

While our financial donations are vital, our employees also play a critical role by volunteering in programs and projects in our priority areas of education, the environment, culture, health and social welfare.