Lonza Sets Goals in the Area of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

¦¦ New Medium Term Goal for 2020 ¦¦

¦¦ Evaluation of Five-Year Cycle 2010 - 2015 ¦¦


New Medium Term Goal for 2020

Lonza’s executive management decided in the third quarter of 2015 on the 2016-2020 medium-term sustainability goals.

The safety goal was set with a 40 % reduction on the existing 2015 goal of (LTIFR=1.0).

A material change has been adopted in conjunction with the environmental goals, which are now intensity goals relative to the economic performance expressed in sales. This decision was made on the basis of the challenges that lie ahead in terms of pressure on the climate change front and the diversity of the Lonza portfolio while at the same time, it attempts to partly neutralize potential changes in the business-asset portfolio.
The goals were set with an intensity reduction of 10 % on the achieved 2015 intensities. These newly defined goals include direct (scope-1) and indirect (scope-2) greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), established lead emission parameters, as well as energy and water consumption. They reflect our commitment to develop Lonza sustainably for the benefit  of the environment and our customers in the widest sense.

   Measure  Unit  Status 2015  Goal 2020


 LTIFR (frequency)  LTI/mn hrs  1.44 0.60
 CO2e (scope 1+2)  t/mn CHF  185  167

 Air Impurities  kg/mn CHF  213  192
 Energy (total)  GJ/mn CHF  2610  2340

 Industruial Water  m3/mn CHF  1750  1580



Evaluation of Five-Year Cycle 2010 - 2015 

At the end of the five-year cycle 2010–2015, we must note to have partly missed our primary safety goal. Whereas the lost-time frequency goal could not be met, we succeeded with the severity goal. On the environmental side, we were able to meet the air-impurities goal; however, we did not reach the other goals. These results have to be evaluated in light of the fact that the original absolute emissions goals that were set in 2010 were not modified to account for the acquisition of Arch Chemicals in late 2011.

Safety (2010 - 2015)

  Basis 2000  Goal 2010  Status end 2010


Status end
LTIFR (frequency)   9.5            2.0  1.5  1.0  1.44
LTISR (severity)  1460  330  183  250  223


Environment (2010 - 2015)

  Basis 2000  Goal 2010  Status end
Status end
CO2e scope-1 emissions (1000 mt)  930             400  445


VOC emissions (mt)  759  300  549  270  400
Air impurities (mt) 1485  900 1014  810  810

   LTIFR = Accident frequency (lost-time injury frequency rate as numbers of accidents per 1 million hours worked)

   LTISR = Accident severity (lost-time injury severity rate as numbers of hours lost by accidents per 1 million hours worked)

   CO2e = Carbon dioxide equivalents 

   VOC = Volatile organic compounds

   Air impurities = Sum of VOC, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter

   mt = metric ton