As a worldwide leader supplying the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with biopharmaceuticals, Lonza furnishes different markets with state-of-the-art products, services, and research. Our customers range from professionals within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government research industries to manufacturers of consumer and health products, distributors, formulators, and service companies. 

Lonza’s Market Offerings:

BioResearch: Groundbreaking research and quality control laboratory testing systems that include tools for microbial detection tests.

Pharma & Biotech: Emerging and established innovators of novel therapeutics with manufacturing expertise, advanced technologies, and high-quality products.

Nutrition: Branded, scientifically proven ingredients for human and animal nutrition.

Hygiene: Products helping to protect the health and wellbeing of people and animals around the world which are used to disinfect and sanitize schools, food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, homes and more.

Personal Care: Unique products and services to meet personal care development needs.

Agriculture: Custom manufacturing of active ingredients and agrochemical intermediates for agrochemical companies.

Materials Science: Supporting many materials science industries with valued products and services.

Water Treatment: Technologies to control the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi in everything from pools and spas to drinking water to food hygiene and industrial cooling, papermaking and related markets.

Wood Protection: Wood treating chemicals and related wood preservation technologies