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The Need for Affordable Medication

Rapid growth of elderly populations in the West and in Asian nations such as China and Japan is driving ever-rising demand for healthful foods and nutritional supplements, affordable medicines and anti-aging cosmetics and other personal-care products.

Lonza’s Pharma&Biotech segment is a world leader in the custom development and manufacturing of chemical and biological active pharmaceutical ingredients, cell therapies and other life-saving and life-enhancing treatments. Our efficiency and expertise in process development, technology transfer and manufacturing help us reduce time and costs for our customers in order to enable their drug candidate’s success.

Life-expectancy rates are increasing; and the prevalenceof cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many otherage-related illnesses is growing. To extend and improvethe quality of life in aging populations, Lonza’sPharma&Biotech segment, for example, has played amajor role in the development of one of the world’s mostwidely used anti-plaque statins that reduce cholesterollevels associated with heart disease and stroke.