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 Life @ Lonza - Basel, Switzerland


Lonza is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, a German-speaking city of approximately 170,000 inhabitants. Basel is Switzerland’s third most populous city and is located in the northwestern part of the country where the German, French and Swiss borders meet. The local language is Swiss German, a dialect of the High German,  but English is understood by the majority of the inhabitants. Lonza has been headquartered in Basel since 1919 and operates out of a beautiful high-rise building on the south side of the city, close to the train station.


The Lonza headquarters in Basel is not a manufacturing location, which makes it different from many of the global Lonza sites. Approximately 300 people work in the Basel office, including executive leadership and the Management Committee, Corporate Communications members, global Human Resource positions, legal and attorney roles as well as other corporate functions.


Basel, an important cultural and industrial center for Switzerland, is home to many theaters and museums, as well as headquarters for major chemical and pharmaceutical companies. While the city can certainly stand on its own in terms of cultural and business importance, Basel is also the native city of tennis great, Roger Federer, who often plays at the annual tennis tournament, Swiss Indoors Basel. The city is also hometown of the the popular soccer club, FC Basel, current champion of the Swiss Soccer League.


Basel boasts an impressive shopping district with boutiques offering the world’s top brands. At varying times of the year, you might be fortunate enough to witness other major cultural events such as Fasnacht (a three-day carnival that starts promptly at 4:00am), Herbstmesse (a large outdoor market event), ArtBasel (the largest international art show for Modern and contemporary works) or BASELWORLD (the world’s biggest and most important event in the watch and jewelry business).


And don’t forget the chocolate! Swiss chocolate is some of the best in the world and there are plenty of chocolatiers to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The city of Basel provides great cultural opportunities and is a center of industry in Europe. If you are interested in working for Lonza in Basel, or at any other Lonza site, we invite you to view our available jobs.


Lonza Products in Your Everyday Life


You may think you have never heard of Lonza … but you have!


Perhaps you’ve recently bought an energy drink to fight off 3pm sleepiness, or taken a multi-vitamin, or even had surgery where your doctors implanted something in your body.


What do all of these things have to do with Lonza? Chances are good that Lonza manufactured a key ingredient or provided a critical testing process that made that product safe to ingest or implant in your body.


Some energy drinks include an ingredient called L-carnitine. It is a nutrient essential for turning fat into energy. Lonza manufactures high quality L-carnitine under the brand name Carnipure™ . It can be used for various applications in functional foods and beverages, such as nutritional bars and energy drinks, as well as in dietary supplements. 


Most multi-vitamins contain vitamin B3, also called Niacin. Did you know that Lonza is the world’s leading producer of Niacin/Niacinamide? We have three plants in Europe and Asia and there’s a good possibility that the multi-vitamin you took this morning contains Niacin that we produced.


If you’ve ever had surgery where your doctors implanted something in you (hip or knee replacement, Pacemakers, or pins to stabilize a broken bone), it’s possible that medical device was tested for endotoxins using solutions provided by Lonza. Endotoxins are toxins that, if introduced to the human immune system, can cause serious health issues or even death. Lonza has created endotoxin detection tests that can be performed on raw materials, in-process materials, and even final products that are released into the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


We believe that science and technology should be used to improve the quality of life, and these are just a few examples of products that Lonza makes that may improve your every day life.